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Certificate of Authenticity with QR code

Certificate of Authenticity

An artist at ArtsLand can create a Certificate of Authenticity that protects his work from counterfeiting and confirms its authorship. This way you, as a seller, guarantee originality of artwork.
Certificate of Authenticity is a high resolution PDF file, ready for printing on a laser color or black and white printer. The artist independently creates a joint venture, chooses a frame and a picture for certification.
Each Certificate issued on ArtsLand is accompanied by a unique QR code -Quick Response, decrypting which you can get all the information about the painting and its author.
To decrypt a QR code, you need a mobile device and a program designed to decrypt a QR code - QR Reader.
The contents of the QR code can also be checked online.
Buyers trust the Certificate of Authenticity with a QR code that protects the purchased work from counterfeiting and will protect investment in art in the future.

The artist can choose any of 3 frames.

Having created a Certificate of Authenticity, once an artist can replicate it in unlimited quantities.

What is the difference between the Certificate of Authenticity issued by ArtsLand?

- Artwork with a Certificate of Authenticity has advantages over work without a Certificate - buyers trust Certified work.
- Our certificate is a PDF file ready for printing on a laser printer.
- Each Certificate is assigned a globally unique 13-digit number. This means that no other similar number exists.
- The certificate is accompanied by a unique QR barcode that can be read using any phone or scanner to read barcodes.
- A QR barcode is an international standard that a scanner "understands" anywhere in the world.
- ArtsLand has a Certificate Validation service by a unique QR number
- The cost of our Certificate of Authenticity is an order of magnitude lower than any other issued outside ArtsLand.
- Our certificates are recognizable by the ArtsLand logo around the world.
A work that has a Certificate of Authenticity is displayed on ArtsLand with a QR barcode picture, date of issue and a unique number.
Certificate of Authenticity can be created by any registered artist or his representative, regardless of whether his work is put up for sale or not.
Certificates of works posted on ArtsLand are additionally accompanied by Lot ID - auction number.
Validity of the Certificate can be checked on the search page by a unique QR number.
* The date of issue of the certificate must be earlier than the date of the first bid or offer to purchase.