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Your Artwork with its ART certificate is protected by a QR Code. Enter its unique reference to trace the identity of the work.

What is QR code?

At ArtsLand, an artist can order a certificate of authenticity that protects his work from falsification. and confirms its authorship.
The certificate of authenticity ensures that you buy the original painting from the author in a single copy.
Each certificate issued by ArtsLand is accompanied by a unique QR code - Quick Response, the decoding of which you can get all information about the picture and its author.
To get the QR code decoding, you need to have a mobile device with a built-in camera. However, in addition to the camera, it is required that the program for decrypting the QR code QR Reader has been installed on the phone. The content of the QR code can also be checked online from the image of the QR code.
Request a certificate of authenticity with a QR code from the artist when purchasing works of art.

Install a FREE application for reading QR codes

Only with such a certificate will you be able to protect your investment in art in the future.