Buy a painting at the auction of contemporary art ArtsLand

Benefits of ArtsLand

Originality of artwork

The artwork are carefully selected for publication by the curator and moderator.

More than an auction

ArtsLand - a new type of auction. You can win even with a lower bet.


The pricing policy is simple and transparent - we do not charge extra for artwork.

0% for the buyer

ArtsLand has set a zero commission for the buyer. The commission is paid by the seller.

Four steps to buy a painting

Start the journey

and discover a wide selection of contemporary art. Get personalized results using filters.

Join now

register and create your own artwork list. Follow publications of your favorite artists and share finds on social networks.

Place bets

and offer your price. The artist will accept your bid and nominate you as the winner.   Or buy at a fixed price without bargaining.

Close the deal

at any time without waiting for the result of the auction, making a bid higher than the estimated one.                          Pay for the lot and wait for the package.

How does the auction of contemporary art work?

There are two ways to buy on ArtsLand

Fix price

You buy a lot at a fixed price without bidding.


You are bidding. The one whose rate is higher wins.