How to Buy Paintings and Artworks at ArtsLand Online Auction

How to buy on ArtsLand

Our team of specialists will guide you through the many rare and interesting art objects offered for the auction.
ArtsLand hosts specialized auctions in categories including Painting, Drawings, Antiques, Sculptures, Prints, Collages, Media and Crafts.

Buy in an open and secure market

ArtsLand provides collectors with an open and transparent environment in which they have an equal opportunity to purchase works of art for their collections.

Register to place a bet

If you are interested in bidding for a lot, you need to register online by filling out the registration form.

Two ways to buy art on ArtsLand

  • Auction - the buyer offers his bid above or below the base price.
  • Buy in one click - sell at a fixed price.
The seller places the lot for the auction, setting the price interval - lower or reserve, and the upper - basic. The buyer sees only the base price and bids from this price. The reserve price is not visible to the buyer.
Bids can be higher or lower than the base price. Bets equal to or lower than reserve are not accepted by the system.
A buyer can win a lot in three cases:
  1. Buy for a fixed price - Buy in one click;
  2. Make a bid higher than or equal to the base price;
  3. Make a bid below the base price, but above the reserve price.
When buying for a fixed price, the buyer pays for the lot and becomes the winner.
In the case of a bet that is equal to or higher than the base price, he automatically becomes the winner and can pay back the purchase.
When the bid is below the base but above the reserve, the seller may agree to sell the lot at that price and designate you as the winner.
When placing bets, the buyer must be sure that he has sufficient funds in his account for the minimum payment for the lot, at a rate or a fixed price plus the bid price. The minimum cost is equal to the ArtsLand commission. The bid price is usually $ 1 USD.
To do this, ArtsLand provides a wallet with which you can pay for the lot and pay for delivery if the lot does not include its cost.
Upon receipt of the work, the Buyer must enter the Cart through his personal account and in the list of purchased works confirm the completion of the transaction.
The Buyer and the Seller exchange their ratings of the completed transaction, leaving a short message that will appear in the list of reviews.


The buyer pays only an amount equal to the bid (in the case of an auction) or a fixed price in the case of "One-Click Sale".
No other payments will be charged from him, with the exception of delivery, if it is stipulated in the job description.
The seller will be charged a commission in the amount set according to ArtsLand's rates.


Delivery is carried out by postal service at the seller's choice.
ArtsLand is not responsible for shipping, packaging and insurance of works.
The buyer can track the movement of the parcel using the track number, which must be indicated by the seller-sender.