How to sell painting and artwork at ArtsLand online auction

How to auction at ArtsLand

ArtsLand offers a simple and transparent process for evaluating and selling works of art based on likes and preferences of lovers and collectors. At the auction, there are two methods of sales: auction and buy in one click.

Auction sellers

At the auction, sellers and / or artists independently submit and evaluate their artworks. Buyers bid or buy without auction - Buy in one click.

Two methods of selling art on ArtsLand

  • Auction: buyers bid. Rates may be higher or lower than the base price, but not lower than the reserve price;
  • Fixed price - Buy in one click - Sell out of auction;

Publication of artwork

In order to auction an artwork or sale in one click, the seller needs to register.
Publication of works for artists is free. Art dealers, representatives of artists and curators exhibit works for a fee, according to auction rates.

Buyers bid

Buyers bid. Rates may be lower or higher than the base price, but not lower than the reserve price.
If the bid is higher than the base price, the buyer automatically becomes a winner, the auction closes, the lot is withdrawn from sale.
If the bid is lower than the base price, but higher than the reserve price, the seller will independently decide on the nomination of the winner.
The buyer pays for work and delivery, if agreed separately.

The seller forms the parcel and sends it

The seller independently sends the parcel, indicates the tracking code and informs the buyer about the status of the shipment.

The buyer receives the package

After receiving the purchase, the buyer checks the work for compliance with the description of the lot.
The buyer "releases" Escrow, the money goes to the seller's account.
The buyer leaves feedback on the seller's work and evaluates it on a 5-point scale.
Escrow payment release and withdrawal are the fact of completion of the transaction.
The seller also leaves a review about the buyer and evaluates him on a 5-point scale.

Seller orders a withdrawal

The seller, having received compensation for the work sold, withdraws money from the system.
Currently, a withdrawal to PayPal seller is provided.
The seller is charged a commission in favor of the auction.